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Luxury 2-Wick Crystal Soy Wax Candle 280g - Lavender & Juniper

Luxury 2-Wick Crystal Soy Wax Candle 280g - Lavender & Juniper

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Candle lovers, we have a treat for you! Our hand-poured luxury soy wax candles are made with the finest natural essential oils and fragrant oils, to create a long lasting scent and clean burn. It's not just a pretty face, each candle contains natural crystals for added ambience, tranquillity and calming vibrations. When you can't find yourself at the beach or the spa, our candle collection will surely transport you there.

Our Lavender and Juniper candle is a comforting blend of lavender essential oil, juniper berries, moss & verbena to create a calming scent.

  • 280g
  • Lavender & Juniper
  • Amethyst & Clear Quartz Natural Crystals
  • 2 Wick Candle
  • Soy Wax
  • Eco-Friendly


Soy Wax
Natural Crystals


Care Instructions

Always burn candle within sight
Keep wax free of matches
Keep out the reach of children
Keep wick centered and trimmed
Never leave the burning candle unattended

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